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If you enjoy Gunfighter Cast and want to support the show, hereĀ  are a few ways you can do so.

  1. Every donation counts no matter the size. Donations are used to pay for the website, podcast feeds, software, recording equipment upgrades to improve production and to provide funds for product reviews. You can donate by our GoFundMe found HERE or by clicking the PayPal link on the Gunfighter Cast home page.
  2. Subscribe to the show by using iTunes, Zune Marketplace or or one of the many other pod catchers available. By doing this you will automatically receive the shows as they are published.
  3. Write a review on iTunes. This will help others who may be researching the podcast and it will help set us apart from other firearms related shows.
  4. Start a forum thread on your favorite firearms or related website forums to let the community know that this resource exist free of charge.
  5. Tell your friends about Gunfighter Cast or burn a CD to give them or play in your vehicle or home.
  6. If you take a firearms training class, introduce the show to your instructors and/or peers so the students can learn more and the instructors may tell future classes about the show.
  7. Email your questions or suggestions to . I am always looking for new material for shows and find there is nothing better to talk about than what you want to hear.
  8. Link the Gunfighter Cast website. If you come across a question or post on a subject we have covered somewhere on the web such as Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia or a forum, post a link to the related show.
  9. Purchase Gunfighter Cast T shirts. (When offered)
  10. Join the Gunfighter Cast fan page by clicking the facebook link on the GC home page.

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