GC-082 The Balloon Safety Solution Cast

This episode, Daniel sits down and talks current 2nd Amendment attacks and how we should respond, as well as news from SHOT show with Ron Larimer of the Balloon Goes Up Blog and Paul Carlson from the Safety Solutions Academy. You can find links to the foundations that defend our God given right to protect ourselves on www.gunfightercast.com

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One thought on “GC-082 The Balloon Safety Solution Cast

  1. Gentlemen,

    I listen to a fair amount of podcasts – the content of this particular episode was one of THE BEST general discussions I’ve heard in some time.

    You, and your two guests, articulated aspects of the 2nd Amendment debate that should receive continued emphasis and discussion – please (I’m behind on listening to your podcasts) continue those discussions.

    • The 2nd Amendment IS a CIVIL RIGHTS issue. However, for myself, it is The Civil Rights Issue I am not willing to compromise on. Without strong adherence of our 2nd Amendment rights there is nothing to protect the rights.
    • The focus on “mental health” is a dangerous tactic that will ultimately play into the hands of gun control advocates. Bear in mind that many “health organizations” are strong advocates of gun control, such as the American Medical Association and American Psychiatric Association. Are we willing to allow health providers to determine who has the right to bear arms?

    SUGGESTION for future discussion: “War on Women” – gun control advocates have been/are more than willing to tell women they have NO RIGHT to defend themselves – therefore, depriving them of their safety and/or lives. The words of Colorado Democrats highlighted the utter disdain they have towards women, in particular – the common citizen, in general.

    QUESTION: (I served in the US Navy (broken service – 1975-1979 & 1982-1988 and a few years as GS12/Intelligence Specialist) While I served, there was a distinct disdain for military personnel during the Clinton administration – the end result saw the ranks of the military thinned – and repopulated with individuals who better reflected the beliefs of that administration. Have you noted anything similar during your years of service?

    To end – welcome back to the states and good luck with your venture into commerce. I look forward to getting acquainted with teaching philosophy and products.

    Jim E.

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