GC-98 Magazine Questions

The purpose of Gunfighter Cast is to discuss firearms equipment and training as it relates to self-defense from a military, law enforcement and responsible citizen perspective.

Daniel Shaw, retired marine infantryman, current Director of Training for Thunderbird Tactical, 406 N Seneca, Wichita KS (316)613-2336.
John McGregor, retired from full time law enforcement in 2014. Currently working full time in the corporate security field, and part time as an instructor for Sig Sauer Academy, 233 Exeter Road, Epping NH.
Magazine Questions
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Magazine feeds the firearm. A clip feeds a magazine.
Magazine pistol maintenance. Environmentally specific. Should be maintained with pistol.
Function check the magazine
Store loaded or unloaded
-Cycling not compression
Pistol – full capacity
Rifle – 28 in 30 for insertion with bolt forward
Carry a spare magazine
Set of carry mags and set of training magazines
Number magazines for troubleshooting
Never buy a numbered magazine at a gun show
Loading and unloading the same two rounds
Not loading through ejection port
Holster in gun safe method
Testing magazines by chambering rounds-Not
How to check your ammo
200+ live fire with actual rounds you intend to carry
Visual inspection and chambering with barrel removed
Rotation of duty ammo
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