GC-99 H&K VP9 Review

The purpose of this Gunfighter Cast is to discuss firearms equipment and training as it relates to self defense from a military, law enforcement and responsible citizen perspective.
Daniel Shaw, retired marine infantryman, current Director of Training for Thunderbird Tactical, 406 N Seneca, Wichita KS (316)613-2336
John McGregor, retired from full time law enforcement in 2014.  Currently working full time in the corporate security field, and part time as an instructor for Sig Sauer Academy, 233 Exeter Road, Epping NH.
Daniel started the show in 2009 while stationed in Okinawa Japan.
John joined the show as co-host in 2012.
Sponsored by Ares Gear www.aresgear.com
 In this episode, John and Scott Ballard discuss and review the Heckler and Koch VP9 semi-automatic pistol.  Daniel expressed this thoughts on the same pistol in a video for Funker Tactical, which can be found here.
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