GC-097 Active Shooter Response

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Response to the Active Shooter topic suggested by Peter Wiktorski and seconded by Bruce Howes on the FB page.
Looking for a show covering active shooter scenarios from a CCW holder perspective as opposed to LE/MIL

Duty to protect the public versus a duty to protect an individual as it applies to Law Enforcement.

Disclaimer, I am not an attorney and I am not giving legal advice. But I did read the case in question.

Warren v. District of Columbia


“courts have without exception concluded that when a municipality or other governmental entity undertakes to furnish police services, it assumes a duty only to the public at large and not to individual members of the community.”

“Dereliction in the performance of police duties may, therefore, be redressed only in the context of a public prosecution and not in a private suit for money damages”

Police have a duty to protect the public, but they can’t guarantee your safety.

How applicable to active shooter situation? Victims lying in entryway will get bypassed.

Tactics changed after April 20, 1999. Columbine High School Shooting. No longer set up perimeter and wait for a SWAT Team.

The longer the police wait, the greater the body count becomes. Make contact with shooter. May stop the shooter by force or cause shooter to take their own life. Gun Free Zones. Not looking for armed resistance.

Contact Team and Rescue Team concepts.

Civilian Response. Borrow from Scott Ballard and his Protective Shooting Courses. “Who are you prepared to die for?” Make a list. Wife, kids, other children, Bob in Accounting?

Understand that if you choose to attempt to engage an active shooter, you are advancing toward an area containing a deadly force threat, while other good guys armed with firearms who don’t know what you look like advance to the same area.

How do you tell a responsible citizen from an active shooter?

The video referred to in this episode can be found at http://www.activeshooter.lasd.org/index.html

Get out– If there is no one on your “list” and you can escape, do so. Know your exits. Lock Downs. Parking Lots.

Assist injured if safe to do so– Training-Medical training and equipment.

Secure your location-Fortify location, become an ensconced defender. Fatal funnels. Communicate.

Defend yourself-Personal Gear. Improvised Weapons. Communicate. Use your loaded cell phone. Let good guys know where you are, what you look like. Improve position if possible. Possibility of multiple attackers. Remember that police will be headed in your direction. Once contact with LE is made, communicate but follow their instructions. If you do have to exit during police response, empty hands. Verbal communication. Follow instructions.

Do some preplanning. Vicarious patrol. What if games. Schools, workplace, malls, Assess your gear choices.


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